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TENDER HELP HUNGARY is a branch of Target Consulting Közbeszerzési Tanácsadó Iroda (public procurement advisory office) established especially for compiling tender offers.

As the managing director of the office, I welcome you to our website! Let me introduce our company!

Target Consulting Közbeszerzési Tanácsadó Iroda has been providing its public procurement advisory services since 2007 in Hungary. Our employees have been involved in public procurement procedures since 2004.

We play an active role on both the contracting authorities’ and the tenderers’ side. In the past few years, our permanent staff has been associated with the preparation and conducting of hundreds of public procurement procedures, and we help numerous smaller and larger tenderers adapt to the complex system of public procurement rules.

The TENDER HELP HUNGARY branch of our office is primarily engaged in providing services to foreign tenderers who wish to successfully participate in public procurement procedures in Hungary.

We help you understand the Hungarian public procurement rules and the use of the mandatory Electronic Public Procurement System (EKR), and we can help you to submit a valid bid in these tenders.

Having a thorough knowledge of the Hungarian public procurement rules and legal practice, we are able to provide high quality support to our clients in their successful bidding process, so that their lack of knowledge of the Hungarian legal environment does not create any disadvantage for them.

Our goal is to continuously ensure the highest quality for our existing and new clients.

Our company expects its professionals to be constantly innovative, to be responsive to new methods and procedures, to be dedicated to uninterrupted professional development, quality approach and requires them to be committed to quality and quality work.

We are at your disposal in all professional matters related to public procurement procedures!

I am looking forward to welcoming you as soon as possible!


Norbert Támis
managing director